I realized even before this task was put on the syllabus that I needed to talk with Dr. C about my project and the way I wanted to discuss cinema and whatever new technology has to do with it. So, I still have to do that. I set an appointment for next week so I… Read More

As I am analyzing my peer’s blog posts I realize how well their investigations and final projects are going. What seems to be working well as others conceptualize their projects?   Like, everything. If anyone take the time to read their posts then it is really obvious that they know what they’re talking about.  They… Read More

INT.  BLOG POST- NEW POST- NIGHT. *Off-screen sound* (V.O.) A guy enters a room, it looks like a party is going on and there are people around, chatting, he comes in and starts talking about the new technologies of cinema, he talks about the DCP. The people around listen and join the discussion. Some extracts… Read More