INT.  BLOG POST- NEW POST- NIGHT. *Off-screen sound* (V.O.) A guy enters a room, it looks like a party is going on and there are people around, chatting, he comes in and starts talking about the new technologies of cinema, he talks about the DCP. The people around listen and join the discussion. Some extracts… Read More

I will use Ted Nelson’s phrase as my biggest inspiration: “Technology is an expression of man’s dreams. If man did not indulge his fantasies, his thoughts alone would inhibit the development of technology itself” – Ted Nelson It goes well with what I chose to talk about in this second nugget. I’ve been reading and… Read More

  Augmenting Human Intellect by Doug Engelbart Computer Lib / Dream Machines by  Ted Nelson Personal Dynamic Media by  Alan Kay and Adele Goldberg   “Mapping my dreamers” ,My first intention was to actually design a map for this assignment, but the best I could come up with was an approach to what is called a mental map. The last three… Read More