Week 3 Submission #5

Literacies All of us were shaped by what Brandt calls literacy sponsors- people, ideas, or institutions that helped us become literate, but literate in specific ways. Everyone’s literacy practices are operating in differential economies Recession, relocation, immigration, technological change, government retreat all can – and do -condition the course by which literate potential develops Deeply… Continue reading Week 3 Submission #5

Week 2 Submission #4

The Story of the Writer I Might Want to be Dear Mary Hall, I want to become a more powerful and factual writer one day, more specifically these next few years. I am currently a Biology major declared pre-physicians assistant. I know writing will be important for this job. Whether it’s writing patient reports or… Continue reading Week 2 Submission #4

Unit 1 Submission #3

Activity 1.2 In my Biology class I’m currently reading a book called “Naked Statistics” and after we read  the assigned chapters I have to write a 300 word response. Within the response I have to mention what I found interesting and how it relates to something I’ve learned. Then following that, I research that topic… Continue reading Unit 1 Submission #3

Week 1 Submission 2

The Story of Me, as a Writer Dear Professor Mary Lou, I feel my writing has been a journey like most. I grew up somewhat confident in writing by getting good grades especially in English class and assignments that were mostly written. Then as I got older I wouldn’t be happy with grades I received… Continue reading Week 1 Submission 2

Week 1 Submission 1

The most three important terms I chose from this chapter includes construct, genre, and contingent. To start, construct has a handful of meanings with different uses. However, this chapter chose to use its noun form, which translates to mental frameworks that people build to make sense of the world around them. Not only, did this… Continue reading Week 1 Submission 1

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