Unit 1 Submission #3

Activity 1.2

In my Biology class I’m currently reading a book called “Naked Statistics” and after we read  the assigned chapters I have to write a 300 word response. Within the response I have to mention what I found interesting and how it relates to something I’ve learned. Then following that, I research that topic further and discuss what else I discovered. My process began with listing things I found interesting and then for each bullet point I added what I’ve learned that relates to it. In this case, whatever I had the most to write about and I felt more passionate about I chose. I then just start writing and add my ideas as I go along. I know I’m finished when I complete all the criteria including word count, main point, and grammar and spelling. Another piece of writing I’ve done recently is for my Gender Studies class. This writing process was similar to my previously stated writing. Both of them included brainstorming, and accomplishing an end goal.

Activity 1.4

My experience with reading, writing, and speaking were mostly positive outside of class. I remember reading my favorite books and learning words through my family and friends. However, my experience in class isn’t as memorable. I automatically think of reading books I was forced to read and then being tested on it. I also remember all the spelling tests that I had every week for years on end. I remember all the endless vocab tests in every subject, which is useful, but only useful if you understand the material and not just memorize it. The biggest mistake I made growing up regarding reading and writing was memorizing. I memorized when you should put commas and punctuation rules. Nowadays I don’t remember them like I used to because I didn’t understand, and instead memorized the material so I could get a good grade. I wish growing up there were more discussions to turn class into a conversation to grasp the material fully. This makes me feel unsatisfied as a writer. I personally feel writing skills develop with practice following a discussion, possibly with other classmates so we all can learn from one another and broaden our perspectives.

Activity 1.8

These are some forms of writing I use on a daily basis. I don’t necessarily feel the people around me influence me, or make an impact on how I write and what I write. Unless, it’s school related and there’s guidelines to follow. I personally feel our thoughts influence us how we write and what we write about, because at the end of the day our thoughts become our actions.

  •     Calendar
  •       Notes
  •       Lists for groceries or things to do.
  •       Texting/emails (communicating)
  •       Flashcards and other study materials

Activity 1.11 &1.12

In my first Biology Lab last year I was uncomfortable with writing a lab report because it was something I’ve never done before. I started by using the textbook for the class and looking at examples and the process of writing a lab report. Writing a lab report is repetitive and factual. I had to understand that and only focus on writing the process and steps in the lab and then explain the results with a graph and description. I began reflecting on what I read from the textbook and referenced it when writing my lab report. At the end I also went to the writing center to have a second opinion to make my report even stronger.

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