Week 2 Submission #4

The Story of the Writer I Might Want to be

Dear Mary Hall,

I want to become a more powerful and factual writer one day, more specifically these next few years. I am currently a Biology major declared pre-physicians assistant. I know writing will be important for this job. Whether it’s writing patient reports or responding to emails. With that being said I strive to become comfortable with writing. I want to feel confident in my sentence structure and grammar. I don’t want to make silly mistakes and embarrass myself.

I also want to put my writing skills and focus into more science related writing. Such as scientific journals and lab reports. I think to start reading other scientific writings and familiarizing myself with them more will put me in the right direction, especially with more practice.

Overall, I want to become more confident in my writing because I’m tired of feeling self conscious and insecure about my writing, thinking it’s not good enough. Since my career path is science and medicine, accurate writing is important. For example, if I’m writing a prescription and perhaps give them a higher dose than they need because I made a mistake, it’ll have consequences for not paying close enough attention. Or if I’m taking notes on a patient and have to relay back to a physician the symptoms of a patient and what they’re experiencing, communication and writing is crucial.



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