The title of “Herb Strewer” did not become official until the royal family deemed it to be around the sixteenth and seventeenth century. Their job was to mask the foul odors from both outdoors and indoors using herbs.  This job was no longer needed once sewage systems, plumbing,  cleaning products and perfumes were invented. I think that… Read More Milkman Before refrigerators were a common household item, people had no way of keeping milk from spoiling. Milkmen would deliver the product to people’s homes on a daily basis, which was considered a very essential job to society at the time. Elevator Operator They were in charge of taking passengers to their desired floor and keeping passengers safe.… Read More

EXPERIMENTAL EATING I enjoyed reading this because it made me think of food from an entirely new perspective. I never thought of it as an art form (until recently in this class) in such depth. These artists take so many aspects into account: the guest list, the conversation, air quality, environment, the arrangement, and so much… Read More

I enjoyed this passage and agreed with most of its arguments. Critics of plagiarism take it a step too far when they say that something simply reminding you of something else that had already been created is completely prohibited. The great artists and writers had to be influenced someway in order to come up with their… Read More