I enjoyed reading this because it made me think of food fromĀ an entirely new perspective. I never thought of it as an art form (until recently in this class) in such depth. These artists take so many aspects into account: the guest list, the conversation, air quality, environment, the arrangement, and so much more. The idea is to “decrease the distance between art and life.” Something that really interested/freaked me out was when it talked about how “we tend not to identify by name the bacteria or yeasts that make the food desirable.” Food is alive..things live/have lived in it. It’s always been a known fact but everyone seems to forget. Blech. Also- when they talk about how food can taste differently depending on the air quality/amount of smog! That’s awful to think about because you’re tasting the dirty air. I liked the idea of the conceptual and functioning restaurant because it allows art and artists to use society (commerce) to their advantage and expose their art forms.



This is a smart art form that I have not really been introduced to until reading this. “Eco Art is a mission not a style.” Using something such as a talent that can be aesthetically pleasing and beautiful to solve world/environmental problems and crises is pretty amazing. Artists have so much creativity and ingenuity inside their brains. Why not use them to change the world?

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