Inquiery Project Week #2/Reflection

This week has been absolutely insane for me. I had rehearsals for one show during the day, and then rehearsals at night for another show on top of homework. I did get behind, which I was not proud of. I was getting very distracted with everything thinking about my other responsibilities and did not produce quality work like I wanted to.

The Collaborative Interest Inventory Project was very enlightening on different possible topics. I liked seeing what everyone else was thinking about and you could see that they a lot of them related to one of the ones in the umbrella topic right before it. A couple that really stood out to me were:

  • Instagram: Young girls posting pictures for self esteem boost and increased need for attention (how many followers you have, and how many likes you get, regardles if you know the people following you or not ) (Trends) posted by Noa Bell (whose blog I could not find)
  • What is the difference between acceptance and tolerance? (Sexual Orientation) posted by Blurpity
  • Why are parents more willing to send their sons out late at night but not their daughters? (Gender) by Nikhil Thomas

I am very interested in the topics of gender and sexual orientation. These topics were some that I never got even close to thinking about because I was trying to keep me ideas centered around Instagram, but I should thought of topics first and then tried to connect them to Instagram. I think I’d like to do a topic that centers on showing the double standards for teenage boys and girls on social media. It is a topic I am very interested in and would love to learn more about.

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2 thoughts on “Inquiery Project Week #2/Reflection”

  1. I understand “insane” weeks!
    Double standards on social media — interesting. Maybe you could look into the existing double standards for teenage males and females — then apply these, see how they “play out” on social media.
    I’m interested in gender too — and looking how gender “happens” on Instagram would be interesting. Let’s see what you find in you research!

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