Research Trends Assignment

Since I changed my topic from double standards in all digital media to the more specific topic of the objectification of women in music videos, I have had to do a lot of my old research over again. Sorry for the late post!

Articles Author(s) Uses college aged people as test group Women objectifying women Focus on hip hop music Other media platform besides music videos Point sytem to determine the scale of sexuality Determined music videos affect peoples opinions Correlates objectififying music videos w/ an increase of sexualizing thoughts in the viewer Only use one test certain group

Does Exposure to Sexual Hip-Hop Music Videos Influence the Sexual Attitudes of College Students

Michelle E. Kistler & Moon J. Lee Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Equal Opportunity Objectification? The Sexualization of Men and Women on the Cover of Rolling Stone. Erin Hatton & Mary Trautner Maybe Yes Yes Yes
Check That Body! The Effects of Sexually Objectifying Music Videos on College Men’s Sexual Beliefs. Jennifer Stevens Aubrey, K. Megan Hopper & Wanjiru G. Mburne Yes Yes Yes Yes
Race and Genre in the Use of Sexual Objectification in Female Artists’ Music Videos Cynthia M. Frisby & Jennifer Stevens Aubrey Yes Yes
Factors Influencing University Students’ Explicit and Implicit Sexual Double Standards. . John K. Sakaluk & Robin R. Milhausen Yes Yes Yes
Sexual Objectification in Music Videos: A Content Analysis Comparing Gender and Genre. Jennifer Stevens Aubrey & Cynthia M. Frisby Yes Yes

The Relationship Between Exposure to Sexual Music Videos and Young Adults’ Sexual Attitudes.

Yuanyuan Zhang, Laura E. Miller, & Kristen Harrison Yes Yes
Blurred Lines, Defined Lines, and Double Standards: How Our Mainstream Media Remains The Biggest Enforcer Of Gender Stereotypes Caley Seaton Yes Yes Yes Yes
Women Objectify Women in Music Videos too, Researchers Find Randy Lewis Yes Yes

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  1. What do you mean by “maybe?” : ) You can say more in the column here to clarify this. Women objectifying women –this category is interesting. Who are in charge of producing music videos? Do these articles blame women producers of music videos? Women viewers? Do all writers agree on what “objectification” means –? Videos “affect people’s opinions” of what? Interesting that one test used in one study, and several focus on college aged students. Do most focus on men? Do you see differences in men and women viewers?

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