Final Thoughts on Crowdsourcing the World 2015

When I registered for this class, I had no idea what I was getting into. Being a technical theatre major, I don’t have to take a lot of non-arts classes and was excited to get out and take a new and different class, especially with it being a class specific to the bike race. I had taken a few media classes prior, so at the beginning I wasn’t too surprised, but as the class went on I learned that there was so much more out their to learn about media studies.

Throughout this course I have learned how to use social media to my benefit in promoting whatever I need to. The assignments using twitter and posting picture I had taken on my phone were awesome. I finally learned how to take a good picture! Some classes you can take, even the ones online, are outdated and don’t use any sort of media aspects. This class embraced the media aspects and taught us how that, in the changing world, it can work in a positive way.

I know in the future I would like to take more classes like this. I have come out of this class alive, and wanting to know more and that’s what I think a class should do. Captivate someone to want to continue learning about these subjects. The UCI World Championships were an interesting event to focus on, and this online class opened me up to the experience of getting more involved with Richmond and what goes on here.

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