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23 May , 2017    

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The End

27 Apr , 2017  

As the end of the semester approaches and for some of us the end of our graduate degree it has become clear to me that as sociologist we must continue to strive for the importance of public sociology to be recognized  as a serious field. Our own university has started on this path by creating… Continue reading →

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My Public Sociological Journey 2017

26 Apr , 2017  

The final week of public sociology is wrapping up for the spring semester of 2017.  Entering into this course was somewhat intimidating to me.  With only 1 class under my belt I was apprehensive of the compartmentalizing the discipline of sociology seemed to place “public sociology” under.  This week Michael Burawoy summarizes, “In short, to … Continue reading My Public Sociological Journey 2017


Science that Serves

26 Apr , 2017  

As I come to the end of this semester, I’m reflecting on my learning and how thankful I am for the growth, opportunities, and intersections of learning that have occurred for me in the past few months. Although I didn’t originally plan to enroll in this course, I’m thankful that I had the opportunity to … Continue reading Science that Serves

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Briana’s e-portfolio

24 Apr , 2017

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Blog VIII: Challenges to Public Sociology

24 Apr , 2017  

Public Sociology In reflecting on this course in public sociology I found most interesting the dynamic nature of sociology, most especially the hierarchy of sociology and the relationships between these divisions of labor.  Readings from Public Sociology highlighted the opinions of many prominent sociologists.  The sharing of opinions from sociologists such as Patricia Hill Collins,… Read More

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Our Role in media literacy and “fake news”

19 Apr , 2017  

  The idea of media literacy and fake news is interesting because it opens up an understanding of why fake news as a certain audience that is attracted to it in the first place. Media Literacy is the idea that a reader is able analyze , evaluate and create media and it is a skill… Continue reading →

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Cyberbullying Then and Now

18 Apr , 2017  

Cyberbullying Sociology Timeline

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Transparency Needed!

17 Apr , 2017  

In “Why Fake Data When You Can Fake a Scientist”, the author discussed his and other’s successful attempts to ‘make up’ a scientist….on paper of course. And they did it! Not just once, but several times. The made up scientists were asked to review several papers, they were even appointed to the editorial boards of … Continue reading Transparency Needed!