Mapping My Dreamers

Nelson is lilac, Bush is aqua, and Goldberg & Kay are yellow.

I found more ideas about the meaning and intention behind computer programming in Nelson’s article whereas Bush focused on how new technology could improve daily life. All three ideas revolved heavily around communication and interaction.

Bush’s suggestions for developing new technology came after a devastating war. He was answering a call to revitalize the human spirit and motivate culture to look toward technology for the next move. Nelson worked with this idea also by emphasizing that the computer is a reflection of our society and we must be the ones to take it in the future directions. Kay and Goldberg addressed how to get kids more engaged and active in the learning process. Their revitalization came in the form of new ways to allow the general user to create.

Another theme that I found in all three of the dreamers was the need to make a device that was small enough and portable. Cost was a concern as well. But all three seemed very interested in minimizing the amount of physical space that the current devices used while increasing the digital space so that more people would be able to use them for less money. These thinkers were really thinking about the everyday user, such as Bush who wanted to make it easier for everyone to access information and ideas.






One thought on “Mapping My Dreamers

  1. This is another stellar piece of work, Tiera. What program did you use to produce the map?

    Also, I’m intrigued by framing this all as an issue of “access for all.” That’s an equity or justice frame that not many others have located within this conversation among the dreamers. Access to information, access to ideas, access to people… yes, that’s the promise of the digital age and one that the dreamers portend.

    As a work of synthesis, this is excellent. I’m confident this work is predictive of a really good final inquiry project.

    Well done!

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