Reflecting on Research

In Darrell’s blog he is studying the effects of social media on face-to-face interactions. It looks like he is doing the same thing I am doing in narrowing down his argument and his definitions. From these two articles it seems he as further defined some of the effects such as cyberbullying and already made an argument that it will get worse as use of the internet increases. It also seemed like he was making a link to the increased continuation of cyberbullying and the lack of face-to-face interactions based off of the nugget he chose. I think our posts are similar in that the information and theories we have found on our topics are really influencing how we form our arguments.

I found some similarities in my topic and that of Maddie’s blog. She focuses on how hybrid classes are a good choice for students to take. It seems like with this source the author intends to prove that hybrid classes are better while her other article examines the “why” and what would affect them being better. My third source is actually similar to this topic of teacher interaction because it discusses the benefits of humor in the classroom for facilitating more meaningful educational experiences. I think her topic is really interesting and something I had not thought about. I have taken just a few online courses and how I feel has varied widely, mainly depending on the format. A course where we are just given powerpoints and study guides then take four tests is very different than one like this that requires more engagement.

Third person-I’m going to wait until some more people post their synthesis3 blogs and come back and edit this. Having a hard time seeing everyone’s I guess.

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