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I really got off track this week. I had been bookmarking a lot of articles that I wanted to use in my research, but when I started going back over them for the first assignment I wasn’t finding those same connections. I completely lost my focus and then panicked because I saw it happening. I realized however that it is so important to really go through this every day. I took it easy for a couple of days thinking I had saved up enough articles and came back and couldn’t remember where my posts were going. Looking at it now I can’t believe how long I spent and I’m still not happy with my last post. Grrrr…

Anyway I like the format of this persuasion map. I’m going to keep playing with it. It was really nice to see the gaps in my argument and where I need more evidence. The layout is simple which is really helpful. I probably should have done this first before wasting more days looking up and throwing out sources. I also think spending more time on this will help me narrow down the purpose of my argument which I’m having trouble with.

Moving forward right?

2 thoughts on “Persuasion Map

  1. Your persuasion map is coming along really good. Also, I agree with your argument, because people need a sense of humor to communicate. Just work on getting more scholarly evidence. Can’t wait to see your final project!

  2. I appreciate your hard work on this, Tiera. It’s easy to get stuck in the research phase and to just read and read. I suffer that fate often!

    One concern I have about the persuasion map is that it looks like you’re focused on defending the importance of humor, generally, but I don’t see where you make the connection to the Internet. It’s interesting/strange because the sources you posted seem focused on that, but the persuasion map isn’t.

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