On Thursday night after the Chance the Rapper concert, I was on twitter and instagram and everyone was talking about this dress. I was pretty confused on what was going on, because I didn’t understand what was going on at first. But, just kept scrolling down my tl and saw what was going on. Anyways,… Read More

It’s VCU’s homecoming week so its going to be a fun week. On Thursday is the homecoming concert which I’m pretty excited for and over the weekend, so many people are coming down. A bunch of my friends from ODU are coming on Thursday night and staying until Sunday. Also, a few of my friends… Read More

Do you ever think your life as a pattern? Like people leave then just come back out of no where. Or just constantly having ups and downs. Lately, everything going on has been a pattern. I could be getting along with someone completely fine, then the next minute everything just messes up. But, they just… Read More

I’ve been wanting my own puppy ever since I was little. Finally, my parents agreed that I could have a puppy. My brother and I are looking at a Pit Bull Labrador and we found one that’s only a couple of weeks old. I’m pretty excited if we get her, because our friend’s dog was a… Read More

I was so surprised when VCU actually closed on Monday, but they were still pretty late announcing that. I think it’s still not fair we had class today since ODU is closed today and we got more snow than them. Anyways, my biology professor cancelled class before VCU decided to close and he made my… Read More

Well starting off with 2015, everyone is going on tour all of sudden.  There are so many concerts in the next few months and I have no clue how I’m going to pay for all of them. I bought tickets to see Trey Songz, Chris Brown, and Tyga the day tickets were sold to the… Read More

I sold my car in December, because I had a SUV and I wanted a regular car. I’ve been looking for cars since I sold mine and I never realized how hard it is to find one. The car I sold was a 2011 Hyundai and my parents bought it for me a week after… Read More

I think I go out of my way for so many people and everyone always take advantage of it. Guys always say that girls are really hard to please, but I feel like it’s the other way around. A few of my friends I would break my back for, but I know they wouldn’t. One… Read More

I feel like everyone goes to the gym and I know I’m really skinny, but I just want to be active. I haven’t been to the gym in forever except once last week and I really need to start going. But, I hate going to the gym by myself. Many people say they like going… Read More

Last semester I went to ODU almost every weekend and I went to Radford and Tech only a few times, but so far this semester I haven’t been anywhere. I’m kind of sad, because I honestly need a trip to ODU asap and my friend doesn’t have a roommate anymore, so now my friends and… Read More