Last semester I went to ODU almost every weekend and I went to Radford and Tech only a few times, but so far this semester I haven’t been anywhere. I’m kind of sad, because I honestly need a trip to ODU asap and my friend doesn’t have a roommate anymore, so now my friends and I all would have a big place to spend the night at. My friend is transferring from VCU to ODU next semester so now it has me thinking since I can’t transfer to Mason or Tech since all my credits won’t transfer that I could go to ODU. But, I want to be a pediatrician and VCU is one of the top schools when it comes to the medical field. But, I need to make another trip to ODU asap to visit everyone. I was actually planning to go there last week since I was going to the Trey Songz concert, but that got postponed. Visiting friends in college is so much fun, because university is so different.

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