I think I go out of my way for so many people and everyone always take advantage of it. Guys always say that girls are really hard to please, but I feel like it’s the other way around. A few of my friends I would break my back for, but I know they wouldn’t. One of my friends is coming back from ODU on Thursday and he needs a ride back, because he doesn’t talk to his parents (I don’t even understand how you wouldn’t talk to your parents if they are paying for everything). Anyways, I told him I could give him a ride back on Friday, but not Thursday. This dude comes at my neck and out of no where says to try him or he’ll cut me off. Honestly, I’ve never been so pissed, because I’ve went out of my way for him so much so it kind of just blew me. So, instead I told him he was already cut off and not to ever come to me for anything! People these days I swear.

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