I sold my car in December, because I had a SUV and I wanted a regular car. I’ve been looking for cars since I sold mine and I never realized how hard it is to find one. The car I sold was a 2011 Hyundai and my parents bought it for me a week after I got my license. It was honestly my baby and it had everything since it was a fully loaded car. I never realized how good of a car it was as my first car until now, because I can’t find a car with everything that I had. I looked at a 2015 Honda Civic and I loved it, but then it didn’t have an aux port and the passenger seat wasn’t automatic like what kind of bs is that. Not to mention, it had an HDMI though….what am I suppose to do with an HDMI and apparently all Hondas don’t have an automatic passenger seat which I don’t like. So, now I’m looking at 2015 Lexus a 2015 Camry, but I’m not sure which one I like better. The Camry has wireless charging which is why the decision is so hard. I think I would have already gotten the Lexus if it wasn’t for the wireless charging. My parents want be to decide by spring break on which car to get and I feel like I still won’t know by then either.

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  • Are your parents buying the car for you? If they are that is extremely generous of them. The wireless charging feature of the Camry seems really cool. But if the Lexus is better overall maybe you should just go with that one. I don’t know much about either car to be honest but a Lexus just sounds nice haha. They are always known to be more of a higher end car.

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