I was so surprised when VCU actually closed on Monday, but they were still pretty late announcing that. I think it’s still not fair we had class today since ODU is closed today and we got more snow than them. Anyways, my biology professor cancelled class before VCU decided to close and he made my day. So, once I got that email, my friend had just came from Tech for the day since he had court on Tuesday. But, he made a 4 hour drive for no reason, because about an hour after he got home, our county announced that courts would be closed on Tuesday. So, we decided since he was back, we could get a big group and go sledding at this big golf course by our houses. Around 8 o’clock, we had about 65 people and all went sledding just like we did last year when we got a lot of snow. It was so much fun and after we went back to sheetz and just chilled for a couple of hours. Snow days are the best and hopefully we get more snow this week and next week so we won’t have school again.

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  • I was so excited that VCU decided to cancel classes yesterday! I’m hoping there might be a delay for tomorrow since the roads still haven’t been cleared completely and everything that melted today will only be frozen again tonight. What did you guys use as sleds? One of my friends actually found some weird trays in their neighborhood and used them to slide down some hills in their neighborhoods.

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