Do you ever think your life as a pattern? Like people leave then just come back out of no where. Or just constantly having ups and downs. Lately, everything going on has been a pattern. I could be getting along with someone completely fine, then the next minute everything just messes up. But, they just come right back, out of no where. It’s like a pattern of people leaving then popping right back up. Sometimes, it just drives me crazy, because when I get random texts from people I haven’t talked to in forever and I’m just wondering the whole time like what does this person need right now. This weekend, two of my friends that I haven’t talked to in months just randomly texted me and I was kind of confused. I remember this one guy I was talking like a month ago and we had a huge fight so we just stopped talking. Then, this guy is going to randomly text like nothing ever happened. ┬áSometimes its better for something just to stay as a memory. But┬ápeople always say “life is an endless pattern.”

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