On Thursday night after the Chance the Rapper concert, I was on twitter and instagram and everyone was talking about this dress. I was pretty confused on what was going on, because I didn’t understand what was going on at first. But, just kept scrolling down my tl and saw what was going on. Anyways, I saw blue and black while some other people saw gold and white. Then, I thought it was over, but I spoke too soon. My friend texts me and told me everyone is going crazy by seeing blue and black because she saw gold and white. I told her to get her eyes checked, because it was blue and black. Then, when I looked at the dress again, I thought I saw going crazy, because I swear it turned gold and white. Now matter how much I kept looking at it, it was gold and white and  I couldn’t see the black and blue anymore. We all thought we were going crazy. Then, someone posted a paragraph about it explaining what was going on, and to be honest, it was it pretty stupid explanation that didn’t make sense. My friend texts me that paragraph and goes “it all makes sense now.” It was true when my friend Dave tweeted that everyone is an idiot because they believe anything as long as it’s in a paragraph. So, the next day I got to work and my manager’s wife asked me what colors I saw, and I told her black and blue. Another co-worker was like she sees gold and white, and I explained to her how I saw that yesterday and the colors kind of just change on you. Later that evening, that same dress was on the news and I just laughed. Everyone especially all the girls are talking about what color the dress is, but we all know most of us would never wear that. Some people were posting screen shots of messages with their moms on what color the dress was and some moms were like “that’s a beautiful dress.” It was pretty funny not gonna lie though. I can’t believe the whole world was debating on the color of a dress. The trends that get started.

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