There’s a new show on MTV called “Eye Candy,” and I know many people that watch that show. It comes on Monday nights at 10pm and it’s a really good show and will have you anxious the whole time you’re watching it. It has everything from drama to love to murders and it’s not just… Read More

Today, my group and I started talking about high school randomly and its crazy how we all have some crazy high school memories. I always had good grades throughout high school and senior year was a pretty easy year except applying to colleges. Anyways, I never realized how much I really got in trouble during… Read More

I’m a big football fan and I’ve never missed the Super Bowl before! Many people think the NFL is rigged and to be honest, I think it is too. But anyways my team isn’t playing so I don’t really care who wins. Anyways I think the Seahawks are going to win tonight and as of… Read More