Can this week be over already? This week seems so long, but it’s Wednesday¬†so I just have to get through tomorrow and it will finally be spring break. The only thing getting my through this week is the thought of spring break and my friend is staying in Virginia for a week. My friend Patrick is flying in from Kentucky tomorrow and I’m so excited to see him. He moved from Virginia when we were sophomores and I haven’t seen him ever since. My friends Yousef and Trevor are picking him up from the airport on Friday since they’re both back from ODU already. Patrick’s staying with Trevor, so Trevor is having a kick back on Saturday night so everyone can get together. I don’t think think anyone is going to have a party in Chester, since a lot of people got charges over winter break. Anyways, I think most of us just want to relax and just see all of our friends rather than just partying, because we’re all pretty exhausted from school. I wish my friends and I were going to Panama City for spring break. I can’t even imagine the amount of fun we would have. But, I think we’re all flying down or making a rode trip this summer for the 4th of July to Florida. ¬†The only thing I’m really not looking forward to over break, is if I see this guy I used to be friends with. I just hate seeing people I’m really not cool with anymore because usually it’s always awkward. I have a big feeling that I’m going to see him though, since we know most of the same people.

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