Finally, just have to get through one more class and it’s officially spring break! I’ve been trying so much harder in each of my classes, but I feel like it’s still not enough. I study so hard, way more than I did before, but I’m still struggling in a few of my classes. Maybe, there needs to be class to teach people how to study. I would take that class, since there;s obviously something I’m not doing right. My goal is to make it on Dean’s list this semester. In the beginning of the semester, I believed that I could make straight A’s this semester, but now I’m not so sure. I know I’m not the only one stressing about school, because I’ve talked to a lot of my friends and they said they’re in the same boat as me. Many people say it gets easier, but I think it gets harder. School isn’t even the only thing stressing me out either. Trying to agree on a place for next fall with my friends is making me lose my hair. I thought the hardest part would have been finding a place, but it’s agreeing on one. Then, trying to find a car is driving me crazy too. I like so many cars, but theres something in every car that I don’t really like. I wish I was able to customize a car and then I wouldn’t have to stress about it. Over break, hopefully I get my life together and not be so stressed. I think I need to start doing yoga!

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