Why am I so behind in Grey’s right now….I’m only on season 2 and all my friends are on season 5 or they’re already caught up. There are 11 seasons of Grey’s, 11 is airing right now which is crazy since that means I have 9 more seasons to go. I have no idea why didn’t start watching it sooner, because it’s a great show. If you’re going into the medical field, it kind of opens your eyes of what’s in store for you. There are so many twists throughout the whole show and you never actually see it coming. Whenever I watch it, I just think to myself that, that will be me in a few years and you always have to have your shit together. You can’t slack off and take days off just because you’re tired or feel it. I can’t really watch any other show now, because I just kind of get bored or the show just makes me mad. Like, abc family just likes to drag out each show and lord I’ve never been so annoyed. On a positive note though, “Finding Carter,” comes back on Tuesday. I honestly can’t wait, because mtv knows how to not drag a show on and actually have things going on. Now, I just can’t miss an episode, because then I’ll have 2 shows to catch up on and I can’t even more behind in Grey’s. My mission today is to finish season 2, but I’m only on episode 20. Since I have my 11am class on MWF, I can really start catching up. I used to pay attention in the class everything, but there’s really no point, because half the time we’re watching random videos of things going on. Since my friends are ahead of me, I beg for them to tell me what’s gonna happen next, just because I really want to know. Usually they don’t tell me, because they don’t want to spoil it for me. I started watching Grey’s at work, but sometimes my managers just comes in out of nowhere and I feel like he gets mad, even though he doesn’t say anything. I just don’t have much free time to just sit around and watch tv, so trying to come up with ideas to how I’m going to catch up. It kind of feels impossible, and I kind of just want to skip some of the seasons, but then I won’t understand what’s going on and I feel like I’ll miss out on a lot. And, now that I think about it, when I’m going to London in like a month, I could just watch it on the plane the way there. Anyways, if you need something new to watch on Netflix, just watch Grey’s. A lot of my friends told me to start watching Gossip Girl once I’m done with Grey’s, but I tried to watch an episode, and I just couldn’t really get into it. I was confused from the 1st episode, because I didn’t really understand what was going on. Grey’s is the only good thing to watch on Netflix!

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