It’s only Tuesday and I can already tell it’s going to be a long week. I’m kinda getting stressed out again, because my bio grade is dropping and I had to withdraw last semester since I was failing. My math test is on Thursday and I’ve been studying since last week and doing reviews, but I still don’t think I’m going to do to good. I felt good about math this semester, but some of the stuff we’re learning right now is really confusing. I still have to think about how I’m going to turn my unit 2 paper into my unit 3 argumentative paper since I’m not really sure how to argue about bravery. I still need to start my online financial class since it opened up after spring break which is kind of stupid, because I wanted to get it all done at the beginning of the semester. The professor that is in charge of the class said it only takes 10 to 15 hours to finish, but that’s still a lot since everyone has other classes to focus on. Not to mention, for my international studies class, my professor has us doing a group paper. There are certain things you can’t do as a group like write a 6 page essay on a certain topic. Honestly, this is the stupidest group project I’ve ever heard of and it’s due in 2 weeks. My friends and I are in a group together which is easier since we meet up all the time, but the other people in our group have classes when we have breaks. I just want to write the essay myself with help from my friends and just call it a day, but we can’t do that because everyone has to turn in certain things to show our professor that everyone contributed to the paper.¬†School is the most stressful thing and I have to take classes this summer to graduate early and start shadowing doctors for pre-med. Just need it to be May already and enjoy life without stressing over school for a good month.

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