As most people already know, one of my friend’s plays football for Virginia Tech. On Saturday, it was Tech’s first spring game and I wish I went:( My best friend, Jordan, and his roommate Harrison are like Cj’s bros and despite the rain, they still went to the game to support him. Anyway Cj played… Read More

Everyone has been writing papers since they were in middle school. You would think by now since I’m in college it would be easy. How can writing papers still be so hard….I don’t get it. A couple of weeks ago, I had to write a synthesis paper, and I thought it was the hardest paper… Read More

It’s been a stressful month of April so far. I’m supposed to be focused in school right now. Someone tweeted that April is GPAawarenessmonth which makes so much sense. Anyways, last week I got into an accident and now my parents are stressing me out about getting a new car since mine got totaled. My… Read More

I was having a pretty good day on Wednesday. I actually did good on a math test that I thought I failed and it was just a pretty good day. Then, after my bio lab which I have at night, I was so ready to go home. I didn’t eat all day and I just… Read More

Well if you didn’t read my post from last week, I got a reckless ticket on Thursday. I told my mom on Friday about it and surprisingly she wasn’t mad about it. I told her not to tell my dad, but most likely he’s going to kind out since I’ll get a bunch of letters… Read More

I told myself this morning that today would be a good day¬†since this¬†week has been a pretty shitty week. I’m a really good driver and I was running late for class and I got pulled over right when I got on the highway this morning. I was going 83 in a 60 and got a… Read More