I told myself this morning that today would be a good day since this week has been a pretty shitty week. I’m a really good driver and I was running late for class and I got pulled over right when I got on the highway this morning. I was going 83 in a 60 and got a reckless ticket. I’ve probably never cried so much and this is my first ticket, but I know a reckless is a huge deal. I don’t even know how to tell my parents right now, because we’re not really on good terms right now so this will set them off. If it was just a speeding ticket, it wouldn’t have been so bad, because driving school always help, but no I had to get a reckless. If only the cop could have looked out, but he was rude. Hate my life so much right now and I have a math test today which I will probably fail too. Could this week get any worse….

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