Well if you didn’t read my post from last week, I got a reckless ticket on Thursday. I told my mom on Friday about it and surprisingly she wasn’t mad about it. I told her not to tell my dad, but most likely he’s going to kind out since I’ll get a bunch of letters from lawyers in the mail. But, anyways I was suppose to go to I’m shmacked this coming Friday at Mason and now I can’t because of my ticket. It kind of blows me cause I was super excited to go. Also, I can’t go to beach weekend on April 24, which blows me even more. I’m really┬ápissed that my mom said I need to hold off on driving anywhere far until my court date which isn’t until June. Now I’m trying to figure out if my parents are still going to get me a car later. This reckless ticket is really messing up my life right now and I’m not okay with that. I wish I could go to court this month instead of having to wait until June.

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