I was having a pretty good day on Wednesday. I actually did good on a math test that I thought I failed and it was just a pretty good day. Then, after my bio lab which I have at night, I was so ready to go home. I didn’t eat all day and I just wanted to get in bed. When I was about to get on 95 south, I was still on the ramp. I was going the speed and was yielding to the other cars. Then, the guy behind be rammed right into me at 50mph. My face hit the steering wheel and my whole right side was swollen and I just had the worst headache. I called 911 and I just wanted to punch the lady, because she was being so rude. Finally the paramedics came and they were really nice. They said I needed to go to the hospital, but honestly I was just so scared and dizzy so I told them I wanted my parents to take me. The guy that hit me asked me if I was okay and I just wanted to be like no, but I told him I was fine. Once I called my mom to get me, the tow truck came to take my car away. I asked the police officer if he thought it was totaled and he was like yeah I think it is and that just made me even more sad. After my mom and brother came, they took me to MCV and I honestly have no clue how that is one of the best hospitals in Virginia. I had 2 nurses and I told them everything that was hurting and I could’t feel my left arm and what not. They asked me how bad my accident was and I told them how my radio and everything came out and she put an adult neck brace on me. One of them said it was too big for me, but she wasn’t going to the pediatric center┬áto get me a neck brace that would me, because she was too tired to walk over there. Finally when the doctor came to see me, he told me how the nurses never wrote on my chart what was hurting or anything, but instead wrote about me accident and how the radio came out. I’ve never dealt with such dumb people in my life before. Anyways, I was at MCV all night and I couldn’t go to the classes on Thursday. My face and neck are still swollen and I have a black eye. I don’t know what I did to deserve the worst luck, because I just got my reckless ticket last week.

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