Everyone has been writing papers since they were in middle school. You would think by now since I’m in college it would be easy. How can writing papers still be so hard….I don’t get it. A couple of weeks ago, I had to write a synthesis paper, and I thought it was the hardest paper I’ve ever worked on. I thought I did really bad on it, because I wasn’t sure if I was writing it right or not. But, my ethical argument paper was due last night, and honestly that was the worst paper I’ve ever wrote. I’ve written plenty of argumentative papers before so it shouldn’t have been that hard, but this paper was just something else. It just sucked so bad and I feel like my thoughts were everywhere and didn’t really do a good job arguing. Also, I felt like I was repeating myself throughout the whole paper. I thought regular research papers were the hardest papers I would ever have to write, but I don’t even have words to describe how difficult this paper was. I’m glad I got it done though, but I think it will really bring my grade down. Thanks to this paper, my GPA will probably drop, that’s how bad the paper it. Maybe if I picked a different topic instead of bravery, I would have a better chance on writing a good paper. The whole time I just didn’t really know how to argue ethical problems with bravery, but also which side to take. Anyways worst paper ever written. I think my professor will probably think I’m an idiot when she’s grading it.

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