As most people already know, one of my friend’s plays football for Virginia Tech. On Saturday, it was Tech’s first spring game and I wish I went:( My best friend, Jordan, and his roommate Harrison are like Cj’s bros and despite the rain, they still went to the game to support him. Anyway Cj played amazing and I’m so proud of how far he’s came. He lead Tech with nine tackles and blocked a punt once again. Last fall his name was everywhere, because he blocked a punt when Tech played UVA. On Twitter yesterday, Cj’s name was just everywhere. I was scrolling down my tl and all the tweets were about him. One of my friend’s tweeted “so I guess Cj is famous now” and Cj was like “nah chill.” But, he is famous and he’s putting the 804 on the map. Some people think that Cj won’t make it big, because Tech recruits new players all the time. Still, I think he will make it far and he’s living his dream so that’s really all that matters. He wants to be a professional sports broadcaster once he graduates and I think he would be really good at that. I can’t wait until the fall to go to the Tech games and see him play on the field. Can’t wait for him to come home next week and see him before I leave:)

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