In high school, I always hated writing and my teachers would assign essays every other week. I thought I was a pretty good writer, but it always took me awhile to write the body paragraphs. Usually people have trouble with the introduction, but I feel like that’s the easiest part. Coming to VCU, I found out that I’m not the best writer and I feel like writing comes way easier to people.

Over the course, my writing has improved even though we didn’t have to write as much. The first paper seemed like it would be easy since it was a reflective narrative. It was harder than it seemed, since you had to get the deeper meaning from a personal experience. Then the second paper was a play, but not any ordinary play. The characters in the play had to be academic sources and had to take a position on an argumentative topic that we found interesting. It was the first time I’ve ever done a paper like the unit two paper, but it wasn’t as hard as it seemed. The last paper which is the unit three research paper has to be the hardest paper I’ve ever written.

My writing has developed over the semester, because it’s not like writing in high school. I always have to remember that my paper needs to be interesting and not just a bunch of words. Also, I learned how to stay on my topic and give enough detail, but not extra detail that doesn’t need to be there. I’m really proud of myself with the unit two paper, because I’ve never written a paper like  that one and it was really different.

All the unit papers were different from each other. Although, the unit two and three paper were closely related to each other, it wasn’t the same. I need to work on how to write research papers. While doing the unit three paper, I forgot how to do in-text citations and found it very difficult. I’ve been writing research papers since middle school, but I find it so difficult and never get good grades on them. I hope by my sophomore year at VCU, I will be able to write a good research paper. Also, I need to learn how to organize my ideas better when I’m writing.



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