Curate and Reflect

My participation:

I did every assignment on time. The first assignment I did slightly incorrectly, but I corrected it on Tuesday as soon as I realized it.


Here are four tweets that I found to be very informative about their topics. It also helped a lot that they included a link to their blog about their inquiry proposal so that I could get a better understanding of what their focus is on.

After tweeting back and forth with these classmates I have found some people to work with throughout the rest of this class. I found Sara Majeed who is focusing on a topic that is kind of the opposing side to my topic. I thought it would have been interesting to share sources with her because it would give us better understanding of both sides of the topic. There were two people that have somewhat similar topics to mine, but other than that I noticed a lot of people with very different topics. I think using twitter to find classmates to work with was a great idea. Now I have more than three people that are willing to work with me and share information. The best part will be getting feedback from these classmates. I believe it is very important to get an outside perspective on writing because it can open your eyes to a mistake you never would have noticed.


Throughout the course of this class I have received a lot of feedback from my classmates. I have found a lot of it to be really helpful and I appreciate it, but there have been some comments that seam like that person did not even read what I wrote about. I really liked how on my Inquiry proposal some classmates gave me ideas on how to solve a few problems I had rather than just pointing out the issue. Here is a link to my Inquiry proposal and you can scroll to the bottom to see the full comments that I am talking about. Braxtondn said that I should maybe speak about a smart board because it is a more specific type of technology used for education. Below braxtondn¬† there was a comment left by Max which spoke about how I could focus on technology that does not hinder “our ability to think critically”.¬† I found a lot of praise from my fellow classmates, but noticed a common trend of one after the next, telling me to make my topic more specific. This helped me realize that it would probably be a good idea to rethink my inquiry question. Thankfully my classmates gave me a bunch of input with good ideas that it was not too difficult to come up with something more specific. I then ended up with the inquiry question; How can secondary art classes use social media to prepare students for their future higher education and their careers?

I want to mention one last experience I had with twitter before I finish up this blog.

This is Karen Richardson’s tweet in response to my topic just because Tom Woodward mentioned her in a conversation with me. In her tweet she included a link to a page where she had written about why social media should be taught. She did this for my inquiry project specifically, but it can most likely help students with similar topics as well. Here is a link to her article. It was an informative and interesting post about why she believes social media should be taught and I am very thankful she took the time to write it. This was an overall extremely positive experience I had because of using twitter to connect me with people who could possibly be anywhere in the world.

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  1. Oops. I read all your work and then posted that prior comment in the wrong place. That said, your concept experience was excellent this week too! Very well done, and I appreciate the reflection on feedback throughout the course as well.

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