Reflective Writing Concept Experience 5

Concept Experience 5 Reflection

Part 1: My experience with this assignment was very good. I enjoyed making the article a lot more interactive and informative for the reader through links and images. I looked through a couple of online articles to learn how they make their articles more interesting for their audiences to read. The five most important decisions I made for the digital tools were:

1. the video I included at the top of the page

2. The picture of a puppeteer controlling Facebook faces


3. The link to  The paper, “Experimental evidence of massive-scale emotional contagion through social networks,”

4. The link to Facebook’s data use policy

5. The link to Facebook’s terms of service page

I put the links over the words that I thought would be helpful for readers to see for themselves what the article was talking about. I chose not to add the word “link” or paste the URL so that the article would flow a lot more smoothly. I found the pictures through google after searching the images for the specific study that Facebook did. I put the pictures where I thought they related to what was being talked about so that it would add more substance to the message of the article. I chose to add a video for readers who connect better with images and audio rather than just reading. I got this idea from many news websites. They have a video that covers the topic of the same information at the top of the news article. I thought this was a very effective idea so I decided to incorporate it in this concept experience.

Part II:  I have learned a lot about how I want to approach the Inquiry Project after this assignment. Since the inquiry project is supposed to be optimized for web users I will try to do a lot of what I did for this concept experience. I will include links to specific words that can help readers understand what I am talking about if they need further clarification. I will include links to sources I use and to background information of the peoples sources I used. I will use images to keep the reading more entertaining and exciting for the reader. I will create a customized WordPress page for the entire research inquiry and make it as welcoming and aesthetically pleasing as possible. I am considering making a video that talks about everything that is included in the paper as well so that I can have it at the top of the research assignment like many other news websites. I want my inquiry project to be as informative and interactive as possible. This is what I will do to try to be a little bit more creative than the usual article posted online.

Here is a link to BuzzFeed’s main page. I believe this is a great example of a informational web page to model my work after because it is simple, straight to the point and viral. Some of the articles on this site are so minor and random, but their appearance and interesting titles pull in many viewers.

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