Because Clauses

Part I:

Secondary art classes should teach social media in the classroom to prepare students for their future higher education and careers because:

1. Knowing how to properly use social media can help students find a career.

2. Social media can help students find inspiration and other artists work that will help them develop their own style.

3. Students will be able to receive critique on their work and give feedback to other students, developing a learning community.

4. Students will be able to share their work with a broader audience rather than just their classmates.

5. The development of an online portfolio can help students keep organized and share their work easily.

Part II:

1. In his article, Castro believes social media has made it easier for people with no limitation of distance or time share ideas (Castro, 2012).

2. ChanMin Kim, a professor at The University of Georgia claims that technology is improving teaching and learning internationally (Kim, 2013).3. News Editor, Serena Gordon concludes social media encourages kids to communicate, share creativity, and also provides a learning opportunity (Gordon, 2011) .APA


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