Community of Inquiry

The elements of the CoI framework can be utilized to shorten transactional distance between learners by incorporating the three different presences in the online content.  By having assignments and work that uses each of the elements, the learner can build his/her understanding of the material and then discuss in blogs or discussion board forums that other learners will read and provide comments/thoughts.  This encourages and facilitates interaction between the learners, which shortens the transactional distance.  With the element of teaching presence, having the instructor available for questions/comments and also responding to the posts as well increases the teaching presence and helps facilitate learning.

In order to design learning opportunities that use this framework, instructors must think about what they want the students to learn, how they will learn the material and how the instructors can facilitate interactions among learners in the online environment.  As mentioned above, blogs and discussion board forums are good ways to have that interaction building on the social presence.  By asking the learners to review information and post about what they learned, their thoughts about it, how they would use the material, etc., the learners are not only building social presence with the posts and responses but also building on the cognitive presence.  This cognitive presence would be grown as the learner reads and reflects on the material.  Finally, the instructor could use the teaching presence element in the design of a course by participating in the discussion forums as well as offering collaborative sessions, virtual office hours or Zoom sessions.

In the terms of my project, as I was reading the elements of the framework I tried to relate it to my idea.  My idea is more of module of learning which I think will only fit in the cognitive presence element.  The teaching presence and social presence wouldn’t be there as it would be web learning modules.  I would need to rethink how I would want to do these modules since it is something that would be used over and over as more Corpsman are hired and on-boarded.

From a personal experience, I could relate the DNP classes to each of the three elements.  Cognitive and social presences are both developed as we complete assignments each week that include reading material and then posting discussion board posts with our thoughts on the material and how we have or will use it.  Once we post our initial post, we are required to respond to at least 2 other students’ posts.  Any responses to a post are then responded to again.  This facilitates communication and discussion among the students.  In many cases the professors also respond to the posts, which pulls in the teaching presence.  Finally, each class in the program has had collaborate sessions where the students log in and video conference in for a class meeting.  In my opinion, the DNP program fits nicely in the CoI framework.  In addition, ADLT 640 has seemed to fit into the framework in different ways than the DNP classes.  ADLT 640 encourages the social presence in blog posts, responding to all of the students and also by using social media (Twitter) to communicate with our peers.  The faculty participate in the dialogue as well as post on Twitter calling attention to particularly interesting discussions.

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  1. Hi Kim,
    Great job with your post! Your topic and process for this is super interesting. The blogging concept learned in our class has led me to thinking about my current classes, both face to face and online. I want to examine this for my module.
    Thanks for your post!

  2. Kimberly,
    Building a way for learners to use/develop meta-cognitive skills is really important when talking about having and developing a cognitive process. And I thought splitting up assignments by skills would help students learn in deeper ways and understand the material in a way which would best fit them.

    1. I think that since this module will be used for each new MMAC hired, it won’t be one that has interaction with other people while completing. In the 18 months since this program started, there has only been 1 time that I had 2 individuals start at the same time. It is usually one at a time. That is why I see it with only a cognitive presence.

        1. More so at the end…a recap and a chance for the learner to get clarification on things they may need more information on after completing the module. It’s to try a different approach because I have found that if I am trying to go over the information they don’t have time to process and ask questions. I am hoping as they go through the module they have time to process and formulate questions, which would give them a better understanding to put it into practice with their patient care.

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