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My module will be for my job through Bon Secours Medical Group (BSMG).  I will start with this module with the topic on Diabetes for the Military Medics and Corpsman hired in our program that we partner with Virginia Department of Veteran Services.  This program hires Military Medics and Corpsman after they have separated from the military.  As part of this program, I do all of the initial onboarding of these veterans to BSMG.  These veterans don’t have license but have a lot of training and experience in healthcare and BSMG hires them to come into our physician practices to practice at the level of a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN).  This allows the veterans to come out of the military and practice at a higher scope of practice without having a license.  They are well versed in emergency medicine and caring for relatively healthy adults.  In our physician practices, a large portion of our patients are over 65 with chronic diseases, more specifically most have Diabetes.

My module would be one that would include definition of diabetes, pathophysiology of diabetes and the common risks associated with uncontrolled diabetes.  I would also include in the module the specific quality measures that BSMG has for diabetic patients.  The module would help with the transition from military healthcare to civilian healthcare.  This would help to bridge that gap by giving the veterans a background on diabetes to be able to better care for the BSMG patient population.  Once they have completed this module, they will be better equipped to manage the patients with diabetes.

In time, I would like to add modules in the same format for other chronic diseases such as Congestive Heart Failure, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, and kidney disease to name a few.

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  1. We use iAspire currently. We just changed from HealthStream in January. We are still having a “learning curve” with iAspire functionality.

    1. OK, You may need to mock up your project for this class on a different platform that you can share with all of us, unless you can get everyone access to iAspire. We need a way of seeing your project. You know what I mean?

      1. I do see what you are saying. I am open to any ideas. I brought up this module/ topic in a meeting yesterday to potentially use for all staff and everyone liked the idea of adding eLearning to our tools for educating and re-educating staff.

  2. Hi Kim,
    This project is interesting and unique in how the goal is using trained military medics in fields where they have experience. One area I would reconsider are the learning goals. My understanding is that the medics will be caring for patients. For that reason, maybe more than an “understanding” of the different aspects of diabetic care is needed. At work, we use Blooms Taxonomy to help with verbiage when writing objectives and to guide activities and tests. Action verbs such as describe or demonstrate comes to mind Blooms Taxonomy I’m not sure if this link will work – google Blooms and there are tons of examples.
    The description of the process of onboarding and method of training draws me to think design of the training being the of high importance. For that reason, some aspects of the Transactional Distance could be applied (Structuring) and parts of the Community of Inquiry (Cognitive Presences/Teaching Presence) could be applied.
    One thing that crossed my mind for the connectivism part- remember the IHI modules we completed online? There were sections in many of those modules where participants could enter their experiences with specific situations and it kept a running list of these. Wonder how they designed this to allow? That would be one way to have at least an effort to connect with one another.
    I look forward hearing more about your project!

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