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Recently I completed a personal values survey for one of my classes that I scored and ranked different values, with my top 3 value priorities being: autonomy, health, and emotional well-being. Personally, I am not surprised that I ranked these value so highly. Each of these values have sort of resonated with me through out my life, from my youth all the way until now and the funny part is that I learned to appreciate each of these aspects of life in chronological order they are ranked.

For starters, autonomy has been a trait that my parents have stressed on me all my life. They have always told that I need to learn to be independent, self-reliant, and find solutions to my problems as best as I can before I ask for help. This can be detrimental sometimes because I become hard headed and refuse to get help before its too late for an assignment or task, to which I have improved upon this stubbornness recently. Second, Health is definitely something that I hold really important to me as I prioritize maintaining a healthy lifestyle and maintaining my body via weight training and my attempts at playing sports. It is key to maintain our health since we are stressing this to our future patients, if I become a PT. Emotional well being, being my 3rd ranked item, is one I recently I learned to prioritize because the stress of school and other personal events can really overtake you if you aren’t paying attention. It is also key because without emotional well-being then physical health and autonomy would not be sufficient to one’s personal happiness.

I believe that these 3 values are also key components to focus on while a PT treats a patient. If you think about it when a patient is injured, all of these components can be affected. Directly, the injury can affect the patient’s physical health by hindering their functionality, which also connects to their personal autonomy. Once a patient loses their autonomy then it can cascade into affecting their emotional well-being because it takes a mental toll on one’s self when they can’t do the things they have always done on a regular basis. In order to prevent this, we PTs have to be mindful of these values and be there to support our patients in both physical and emotional aspects so that our patients have better chance to recover and regain their autonomy, health, and emotional well being.


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I can relate a lot to your first value-autonomy. My parents have also drilled that into me from a young age, and it’s always been really important to me. I also have had to learn my limits and to ask for help when situations exceed those limits.

I really enjoyed reading this as I share the exact same top 3 values and can completely relate with how they impact your day to day life, including the stubbornness that can come with autonomy at times. While I’ve thought about how a patient’s emotional well-being can impact their physical health I had yet to take into consideration how this could impact their sense of autonomy and potentially create a negative feedback loop that further hinders their recovery. Thanks for the added perspective!

I really resonate with your point about emotional well being because I also had that as one of my top three values and I feel like it was a more recent addition as well. Only in the last few years have I really made an effort to work on it, and to pay attention to the effect it has on other aspects of my life.

Kevin –
I enjoyed your post. I liked the conclusion you drew about the three values and how they link together for any patient that we are treating. You did not mention about how you might deal with a situation in which your patient’s values are in conflict with your own. If they do not share your values – how will you address that? Will it be challenging for you? What strategies might you use to relate your advice to their values?

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