Final Reflection


Final Reflection




I came to college hoping that I never have to take a required English course ever again. However, It seems that my hopes were dashed instantly as I was signed up for Focused Inquiry. The upper classman and my advisor informed me that this was the college version of English class. My mind was blown and I felt like that it was the beginning of a painful period of classes. I was wrong and right in a sense. When I attended my first UNIV-112 class, Mrs. Westcot told us that this class would not be like the English courses we took in High school. I felt an instant glimmer of hope in my mind dreaming that I would not be required to read endless paragraphs followed by an equal amount of synthesizing the information. However, it was just a dream.



The first few weeks of class, we read several articles that challenge our current views of ethics. The class was assigned to write summaries for these articles. The catch was that we could only use 250 words. 250 words! It was the most painstaking summaries I will ever write because I was used to adding fluff to my writing. I had to incorporate accuracy and precision into my writing. The adjustment was a difficult one but because of the writing methods taught in the class helped me improve dramatically. I have become a better writer now that I reflect back on my time in class.


The assignments in Focused Inquiry were all grueling and difficult. My writings skills were undeveloped from the English classes in highschool. I could not arrange ideas and create clear thesis statements very well. The two assignments that have changed dramatically were the two unit papers we had to write. The two challenge me to expand my thinking, refined my thought process, and learn how to research. It was quite a change because the F.I course was so challenging. I was used to getting As and Bs without any effort. I am glad that I signed up for this class as it has changed my view of writing.


I have recognized the strengths I possess as a writer and also my weakness. Focused Inquiry has given me the chance to evaluate my potential as a writer. My strengths I have noticed are my ability to create a strong thesis statement and to have a clearer transition of thoughts than before. I have become much better as a writer. My weaknesses are my inefficient ability to transfer my thoughts from my mind onto a paper. I believe I have improved dramatically in this area, but still have room for improvement.


For my final reflection in this class, I truly believe this was one of the best classes I have taken so far in my life. It has aided me in refining my ability to communicate through writing. It has given me the opportunity to challenge ethical ideas and see different views of a problem. It challenged me to the best of my abilities and I hope that the next Focused Inquiry class will be as great as this one.


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