Source 3

  • Keene, Donna Wiesner. “Government Regulations Hinder Economic Growth” USA Today, 2 May. 2013. Web. 10 Nov, 2014.
  • History of Search: Google search with words ” Government Regulations Hinder Economic Growth”, I used this source because it argues that regulations are a burden for small businesses and the government needs to pay more attention to local economies.
  • Identification: Non-scholarly source. It is a newspaper article that has no sources or works cited and is not written by professionals in the field of business. It is necessary because it argues against regulation but also gives a point that small businesses are suffering and corporations are thriving.
  • Summary:

The article speaks about regulations on businesses in the United States. It states that the regulations are actually slowing economic growth instead of helping it. It seems that the government is neglecting smaller businesses and local economies for corporations with bigger pull on the market. The article takes the position that government regulations are hurting smaller businesses and therefore damaging economic growth.

Local economies are the backbone of the middle class and communities everywhere. People don’t drive through towns and see only walmarts and targets. They see local groceries and shops owned by people everyone knows. Regulations passed by the government seem to ignore the issue that small businesses don’t have the resources to meet such demands and are shutting down.  The author talks about a local butcher shop that closed down because it couldn’t deal with the costs of meeting regulation requirements. We cannot expect small businesses to spring up in unstable times when new start-up companies must spend resources to comply with regulations then actually help in establishing themselves.

Government regulations are being created to protect the environment and secure higher standards, but none are mentioned as helping small businesses. If the cries of local businesses aren’t heard and regulations are pressing down on them with no avail then who in the right mind would try to run a business in such a time. The answer is no one.

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