Source 4

  • Davis, Marc. “Government Regulations: Do They Help Businesses?” Investopedia. Investopedia. n.d Web. 11 Nov. 2014.
  • History of Search: Google search with terms “do regulations help businesses or not”, I decided to use this source because it argues that regulations and the government help businesses and the public.
  • Identification: Non-scholarly source, website is not a database and is a interest site I’m guessing. No works cited or peer review.  It is necessary because it gives an angle that government regulations do help businesses in some ways.
  • Summary:

There are many people today who would criticize the government for the everything that has happened to the economy. We are currently slowly recovering from a recession and some would say that the policies and regulations passed are hurting businesses.  Marc Davis and his article would disagree. Mr. Davis believes that the government is actually helping businesses and creating a better market for public.

The government over the years has been working to make the market a better place. They have created several agencies such as the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC), Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and the Small Business Administration. These agencies help regulate the market from fraudulent companies and help create better standards. The Small Business Administration helps people create start-up companies with loans and other sorts of aid. All of this was made as a interest to aid the economy and create a better environment for the public. The efforts made by the government shows us that they do care about businesses even smaller ones and that our assumptions are uneducated.

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