The blog I found interesting was “Reflections: Living the Dream” by Suzan. The title itself intrigued me to open the blog and as I began reading what she had to say, I found myself liking everything she was writing about. In this blog, she is writing all about lecturing and people tending to doze off or lose focus while being lectured. I like that she mentions several different ideas teachers or professors could use to help engage the students more and help to prevent falling asleep or losing focus. I personally find it really hard to stay focused for the entire 50 or 75 minutes that I have to sit in lecture, especially if there is no interaction and it is just constant talking and reading from slides. I feel like it may be fascinating to me and not others, because I can personally relate to what the author is writing about, where some other people might not relate to it so they wouldn’t understand it as well.

When reading this blog, my mind wandered off to how I felt all through high school, and even how I feel in some of my classes now that I have started college. Sometimes, I tend to find it really hard to focus especially if the topic does not interest me. After reading this, my questions are… Can all professors try harder to keep us engaged? and What can I do as a student to help myself keep from drifting away?

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