Analyzing the Obvious

Beaches have sand.

I started out with the question of “why do beaches have sand?” and then I slowly drifted away from that question to the question of “why vacation on a beach instead of the mountains?”. This research opened my eyes to all the many different places vacationing is actually possible. Every year we travel to Nagshead for a week, but after researching about sand maybe a trip to an island or maybe even trying out the mountains would not be too bad.

This assignment really opened my eyes up to all the different things the internet has to offer. After my time was up, I came to the conclusion that the computer was very helpful in answering my random questions. I was able to work hand-in-hand with the computer by producing questions or ideas I was curious about, and then the computer worked with me by producing answers and more ideas that pertained to my topic. Just by typing in a phrase, or even one word, thousands of different searches pop up allowing endless possibilities as to where exactly you might end up. I think that as technology continues to progress, even more possibilities will begin to emerge.

This assignment also showed that if given a topic of interest, I can research and get a lot of necessary information to help my research along. I find that when given a research assignment, it is much easier to complete if it is a topic of interest. When I am able to research a topic I enjoy or care about, I can think more freely and am able to pose a lot more questions to help further the process than I can if given a topic that I have no interest in.


6 thoughts on “Analyzing the Obvious

  1. So why do beaches have sand? 🙂 I feel the same way, when I research something I have interest in I feel creative and eager to learn more, but when I am forced to research something just for the sake of it I don’t learn all that much.

  2. I love traveling and looking into different destinations. I associate the beach with vacations which is why I understand your search for travel destinations. I know this may sound weird but the thought of sand freaks me out because I just wonder when does it end?

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