“Augmenting Human Intellect”

“Existing, or near-future, technology could certainly provide our professional problem-solvers with the artifacts they need to have for duplicating and rearranging text before their eyes, quickly and with a minimum of human effort. Even ao apparently minor an advance could yield total changes in an individual’s repertoire hierarchy that would represent a great increase in over-all effectivenesa. Normally the necessary equipment would enter the market slowly; changes from the expected would be small, people would change their ways of doing things a little at a time, and only gradually would their accumulated changes create markets for more radical versions of the equipment. Such an evolutionary process has been typical of the way our repertoire hierarchies have grown and formed.”


I think the video provided for the “game” is a perfect example of this quote from Engelbart. These glasses were able to provide so much information to a person with just one glance at either an object or a person. It also made every day tasks even easier for a person, I mean who knew all you needed were some special glasses to be an expert at the game of pool? I think if these glasses were actually something that became available to the world, they would eventually become a very popular item…they would probably be the number one most wanted thing from Santa until something even better presented itself. As Engelbart said, the changes would happen slowly at first and then gradually grow more and more popular.

When looking more into this topic, I think that to some extent Albert Einstein is right. As technology continues to progress, society could potentially begin to spiral down to a negative outcome. I used to always hear people saying “too much of something good starts to turn into something bad” and I feel like technology could turn out this way. If you think back to how much it has changed just since Engelbart wrote his passage, it is kind of crazy. When thinking about the future and how much more everything could potentially continue to change, it can be scary to think about our great grandkids or even grandkids growing up in a completely different technological world than we did.


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