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I am studying rising costs in tuition, because I want to know why we think tuition needs to stop rising and in what way can we change that in order to help my readers question the number of young adults in debt and find other ways to lower the prices of tuition.

Research Question: How do we feel about tuition and its continuously rising costs?



This first article expresses some very interesting ideas on the cause for tuition to continue rising. After reading this about how much it has increased over the years, it made me question why other countries were able to provide free tuition. I mean, America is over here putting millions of people in debt every year in order for them to further their education, while Germany is abolishing tuition and fees! I do not understand it at all! After reading this article, it made me wonder what other countries do the same thing?  What steps can we take to get in this direction?  Is there anything we can do to change the rising costs, or will they continue to rise despite other countries doing away with it? These articles inspired me to continue researching to see what else I might be able to find.




Call for Responses

Are there any articles you have read that could help me with my research?

How do you feel about tuition rising?

How have the rising costs impacted you and your everyday life?

Do you think that tuition should be cheaper, or even free? Why?



10 thoughts on “IP Call for Response

  1. To answer your last question, I don’t think tuition should be free. I used to go to a University in Brazil that was free. We didn’t even have to buy textbooks most of the time – we used photocopies and borrowed from the library. That being said, the facilities and classrooms were bad, there was no AC or heating, and frequently the bathrooms didn’t have toilet paper. Does it matter in the grand scheme of things (and by things I mean getting an education)? Probably not. I have friends who went on to master’s and doctorate’s programs at the same university and they even get a stipend to conduct research. But if we paid a nominal fee the school could be a lot nicer. But I guess I’m kinda comparing apples to oranges because most people trying to get educated in Brazil could not afford even a small fee, and that’s why getting into public schools there is nearly impossible. With that being said, VCU does charge a lot, and I suspect a lot of tuition is going to build things most students won’t benefit from like the new basketball training facility and those freaking iris scanners at Shafer. Really, VCU??? Eye scanners? Anyways, it was a shock for me after I transferred here from a community college because it’s just so much more expensive. Now I’m just rambling but I hope I answered your question. Good luck!

  2. I know Bernie Sanders wants to free public college tuition. Maybe you can research his lecture? Saudi Arabia pays for student who studies abroad for free.
    I feel so much pressure because my parents pay a lot for me to study here especially now tuition rising.
    As an art student. I pay a lot for all the art supplies. Because of the rising tuition, sometimes i only get cheap supplies. It limits what i can do because when i have an idea which will cost a lot, i will just give up on that even i think its a good idea.
    I think tuition should be cheaper but not free. I don’t believe free stuff will have good quality and people won’t care about study anymore because it’s free.
    How are you going to write about this topic? I think you should ask should tuition be free or not, then you can have two sides. Maybe, just a suggestion. 🙂

  3. To answer your second question, Although i don’t like the idea of raising the cost of tuition I understand why it would be necessary. In order to fund the faculty, events, and new technology yearly, the colleges speeding increases. In order to continue the education you are receiving, the college must have the funds. If it isn’t a private college or a large research school, that is hard to do especially depending on the incoming traffic of students. Its horrible for the students, but what has to be must be done.
    You might find this article from the washington post helpful:

  4. Your question: How do we feel about tuition and its continuously rising costs?
    Well — we know the answer to this right? None of us “feel” too good about rising tuition, right? So your research can’t focus on our feelings about tuition. I think the despair and anxiety students feel is part of the problem you may be exploring, but it’s not the only thing you want to know is it?
    You ask, after reading the article, why the US can’t adopt a cheaper tuition cost for students. You could look into what steps the US would have to take in order to decrease tuition burden on students. This would give you a path to research, right? Something to FIGURE OUT. How can we change this? How an we adopt other country’s programs, etc. This is the bigger, more generative questions to ask I think. : )

  5. I totally get what you are saying. Why is going to school so expensive? I think a key thing to research for this topic is where does all the money go? Does it actually go to our education or to things like the iris scanners in Shafer? I am personally interested in the percentage distribution of our school’s budget for each department. Do we really get our money’s worth? I feel that looking up some numbers for our school will be of good use in your research.
    To answer one of your questions, my tuition impacts my life everyday like very other student. I have only one parent that provides for my family of five. Of the 5 people that are in my family, 2 of us go to college. My sister is actually in med school abroad so my parents pay her tuition in full where as my schooling is actually cheaper than hers. Its not easy because the cost of school is constantly rising and making it harder not have a lot of debt. But, I already know that I will have a lot of loans to pay once I graduate like everyone else.

  6. I really like your question because it’s something that impacts all students. I think tuition is necessary but it shouldn’t be as high as it is. It should be made affordable so that everyone gets a chance to get past a high school education. I think having tuition incites people to try harder and be more successful because you’re paying and that is good, I just don’t think that paying outrageous amounts of money is any good because after graduating a lot of students are in endless amounts of debt and some don’t find their career jobs right away so it can be a struggle.

  7. I’m a big fan of the idea of free tuition. How can more smart people be a bad thing? The world needs more smart people. We no longer need low skilled workers when they are rapidly being replaced by machines. No one should be in debt for the rest of their life just to get an education.

  8. How do you feel about tuition rising?

    I’m quite sympathetic towards peers and future students. Several fellow military members decided to join so they could afford college, so I understand how expensive tuition can make a life problematic. I join directly after high school, it was more to seek adventure than financial gain. Maturing over the years, experiencing the world and with instruction I acknowledge why people would take extreme measures to pursue higher learning.

  9. I do like the idea of free tuition too, but it doesn’t sound like a practical idea. I meant since schools also need fund to pay and operate facilities. Lowering tuition would definitely benefit in encouraging more people to get education. Like marina and qadirkhana point out, there are unnecessary facilities are implementing yet the tuition is nowhere near an affordable range. I know a lot of people who started out in community college first then transfer to university, which turned out to be more beneficial than I thought. They only have to pay one-third less than university’s tuition. I wonder if it is a better trade off to pay extra several thousands to go to straight to university from high school?

  10. To answer, Do you think that tuition should be cheaper, or even free? Why?

    I agree in the fact that tuition should be way cheaper but not necessarily free. I think it should be cheaper because the amount of money college students without scholarships have to get on loans is ridiculously high. I feel like students are put under way more pressure and stress in doing well in school when we already have to think about the debt we’re going to be in when we graduate. I don’t think it needs to be free because we do need some type of motivation.

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