Ted Nelson at midterm

“Education ought to be clear, inviting and enjoyable, without booby-traps, humiliations, condescension or boredom. It ought to teach and reward initiative, curiosity, the habit of self-motivation, intellectual involvement. Students should develop, through practice, abilities to think, argue and disagree intelligently. ”

This quote does not specifically say anything about online learning, but I found this quote very interesting, because it is something similar to what I say everyday! I feel like some teachers go out of there way to take a simple topic and make it unbearably hard. For instance, my math teacher shows us this long complicated way to find a solution (it takes up an ENTIRE page), and leaves us all staring dumbfounded because we have no idea what she just did, but then she turns around and does the exact same problem with a “shortcut” which makes so much more sense and saves a whole lot of time, paper, and headaches.  I wrote about teaching in a different post awhile back, but what I said in that pertains to this too. Why must school be so boring? Especially college, if we are paying for this education can’t teachers try a little harder to take this horrible information and make it seem at least a little better?

I feel like online classes are the complete opposite of Nelson’s very first statement in this passage. For the most part, there is nothing too enjoyable or very clear about online classes. The only thing enjoyable about online classes is not having to physically go to a classroom. You do not have to get dressed or even get out of bed to complete the work, and you have some freedom on when you have to do the assignments… but is that really worth it? My UNIV teacher last year explained stuff so much and was so repetitive everyday about what we needed to be working on, so that has been a huge adjustment to taking an online class. This class is set up to be pretty straightforward on what we should be working on and when stuff is due, but sometimes I can get a little confused. When taking UNIV last year sometimes I got a little aggravated with the constant repetitiveness and stuff being over explained, but now I kind of miss it. This is the fourth online class I have taken ,and I have realized I would rather just wake up and sit in a classroom. I hate computers as it is, so having to solely rely on a computer for my classwork just isn’t for me.

I really like Nelson’s definition of what education should be! I feel like maybe if it was more enjoyable and inviting, and all the other stuff he stated maybe more people would be interested in continuing their education.

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  1. I appreciate your honesty in this post. It’s interesting that you miss your UNIV instructor’s repetitive explanations, and have found that you actually prefer face to face classes! This is a good thing to know about yourself.

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