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I doubt anyone will get on Rampages after they show their final project BUT…

If anyone you do get on, could you please go look at my webpage and tell me if the pictures are overlapping the words? For some reason, on my computer the pictures show up fine and everything is all fine and dandy, however, on some other computers, it doesn’t show up correctly. So if someone could let me know, that would be very helpful! You should be in chrome when checking! Thanks so much!

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Oh Stress, How I Haven’t Missed You.

I finally just finished my Psychology 407 paper and can take one of the bullets out of my gun aimed at my head. However, now I am back to editing the paper for this class and starting a powerpoint for the in class presentation that we are supposed to have on Wednesday. I just love all these essays crammed into one week. After I start the powerpoint, I am going to finish up one essay that I have due for Gender studies and then proceed to start my international relations and sociology paper. After I finish those, which will only take two days hopefully. I will either finish up my paper for this class or start the two OTHER papers I have due for my gender studies class. I love finals, don’t you?

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Hopeful to Finish Tomorrow

Since my professors have all decided to require for their students’ to write final essays, I have five to do…In order to finish them all on time and efficiently, I am attempting to finish the essay for our class by tomorrow. Well, at least an entire rough draft. I still have quite a bit to go but having an entire day tomorrow to do nothing but focus on it, I am confident that it can be done!

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Moving along

I find it easier writing my essay on a word document. Having all my text on 11 point font and single space makes me feel like I am getting no where but then for a little bit of hope I change my text to the correct font and it makes me smile a bit knowing that I am not drowning just yet. My rough draft is not complete – not nearly. However, I do have most all of the information I need to finish it and I am a decent way through. Now the next step is to not break down over all this stress of finals.

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One Word At A Time

The worst feeling is when you cannot find any more information on your inquiry project that you don’t already have. I have visited the ends of google and been back with the same information that I left with. It’s really quite difficult to find enough information to reach the limit on such a focused topic. However, over break, I feel that I will have enough time to relax and gain a clear head to bust this out. I hope every one else is doing well with their projects!

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Dead Tired

Finals and these essays are going to be the death of me. My rough draft is exactly what it sounds like – Rough. I am still in the stage of beginning my essay. However, I do have all of my information, links, hyperlinks, conversations and whatnot! I find that it is a bit difficult to get so much information on such a focused topic. I have 5 essays to write and 3 finals all due in the next two weeks and I am dying. This post was mostly just ranting. All my thoughts have gone into my essay so if you want to read something that makes sense, this probably is not it!

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Finally Started My Essay

After many different ideas, I have come to the conclusion that Drone Warfare, while very different than my other topics is the one I am committing to! I have already written 1200 words! Soon, I am going to take this to the writing center soon to have them check my progress and see their ideas of where I should take the rest of this essay. I have gotten all the necessary sources for this article and have many different quotes and thoughts about drone warfare. I am excited to finally have a solid plan for this topic and am surprised that I am this far along so soon!