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Another Nugget In Case You’re Hungry

“Credit card debt is one of the causes of poor credit, and it is also one of the ways poor credit can cost you the most.”
I picked this nugget from (HERE) and basically, it explains how bad credit scores will ruin your life. I found this nugget interesting because credit cards are such an important part of our society and yet not many people understand how powerful they are. A tiny piece of technology that can be so beneficial and yet, if you use it poorly or don’t keep up with it; will ruin your entire life. By using something that can help, you’re also at risk for hurting yourself. I just think that is extremely interesting. This article was very helpful to me. I now understand in depth how credit works and the risks of using this piece of plastic.

4 thoughts on “Another Nugget In Case You’re Hungry

  1. Your inquiry project seems a bit interesting. Maybe I should read more about your project. Its funny how a lot of people promote credit cards yet they could be a bad thing and can potentially ruin us. Good luck!

  2. I should have read the whole article because, honestly, I don’t have that much knowledge on credit cards and how they work, or their hacks. This nugget was short but very interesting and informing, well done!

  3. Sick blog post! Credit cards act as the holy grail to broke college students like us, but then the grim reaper is one the other side waiting for our kidney to pay for all of the stuff. You’re right it really is a life altering thing, that people something don’t understand the gravity of.

  4. Your title was eye catching because I wanted to see where you were going with your blog. I feel that people get pressured on getting a credit card because they feel they have no other choice, but then it can lead them to putting themselves in a bigger hole. I feel that their needs to be a way to better inform people on credit card uses.

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