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Begging For Suggestions On a Friday Night

To begin this lovely Friday night assignment, I was hoping for suggestions on my project! It is a bit late in the week to ask for help, BUT- Better late than never! Credit cards (if you have read my other posts) (don’t do that now if you haven’t already because I’ll explain it in this blog) were my idea to write about for this final project because, well, technology and such! However, going deeper into this project, it has just gotten boring writing about it…the history of credit cards, credit, financial aid…it’s not interesting… However, my new idea is to relate the effects of television channels and shows such as MTV and Disney Channel to the mindsets of different age groups and see how these shows affect their attitudes, personalities, moods, and ideas of the world. I know it may be a bit of a stretch to relate this to technology, but somehow I am hoping to relate the television shows to the topic of technology! What do you all think? All Suggestions are incredibly helpful! Well…in theory.

One thought on “Begging For Suggestions On a Friday Night

  1. Hey there! I totally understand what you’re going through, and yes it seems a little odd to talk about influence of TV on teenage audiences or something like that, but yeah in the end it has to do with technology and how the TV became accessible to a large number of the population and it definitely affects the behavior of the ones who watch it. I hope you can find your way and your topic to focus on !

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